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The NMDGroup, a tightly knit commercial enterprise conglomerate with pastimes in everything from real estate property, construction, Building Automation, Electrical contracts, robotics, & sports activities is developing at a blistering pace way to the vision of Mr. Navanath Mohan Darekar globally known as NMD.

NMD’s Midas touch needs no lodestone to a degree the purity of gold that he forever and ever creates with all his ventures.

When a young boy from a middle-magnificence family took his first step in the direction of self-reliance little did human beings comprehend that sooner or later he would have an empire of his personal. He completed his instrumentation Engineering, he stored for his training; the seeds of hard work & honesty had been slowly being nurtured for the future.

As a young entrepreneur, he saw possibilities everywhere. His notion in himself become amazing. He started with the aid of Building Automation and Industrial Automation in Dubai and pasting scented antiseptic strips in them.N.M Darekar had arrived, unheralded, unannounced; his first step into the arena of commercial enterprise.